Soil Fertility Management

Balanced Plant Nutrition

Soils are the major medium of crops to grow. Soils that are healthy and fertile are essential for a healthy crop. Natural products that contain quality humus and narrow C:N ratio ensures improvement and maintenance of soil physical properties to rejuvenate and retain soil fertility. "Bhoo Thai" - a well digested organic matter with right proportion of nutrients improves the micro-flora in the rhizosphere of the root zone protecting and promoting the growth of plants. Bhoo Thai is the product of anaerobic digestion of plant residues to produce high quality soil quality promoting organic product that is odorless and free flowing. We put together the correct amounts of compostable materials and inoculated with right kinds of microorganisms for complete degradation of organic mass to produce, highly decomposed, odorless, fluffy and free flowing organic product - a great soil amendment. This organically recycled product is beneficial to the environment.

While it takes thousands of years for the earth’s forces to build good soil, we can help do this in 5 to 10 years by adding Bhoo Thai…the ideal compost for all types of soils and crops.


  • Increase organic carbon & humus content of soils
  • Improves soil aeration and water holding capacity.
  • Increases microbial activity.
  • Increases uptake of nutrients.
  • Detoxifies the soil.
  • Faster establishment of roots.

Dosage and Application

  • Broad cast and mix thoroughly with soil, 1.00 t per Ac of land at the time of land preparation as basal dose.
  • Broad cast and mix thoroughly with soil, 0.5 t per Ac of land two weeks before fertilizer application.

Home Garden

  • Apply one kg per pot – mix thoroughly with soil / coir pith before planting / sowing.
  • Periodical addition is required to maintain the soil health.
  • It improves the physical structure and biological activity of the soil to help plants absorb necessary nutrients.
  • For coconut and other perennial trees apply 5 kg per plant twice a year before fertilizer application.

Products we produce

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Products we produce

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Products we produce

Balanced Plant Nutrition

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