About Us

Go4organics is a new initiative to support garden enthusiasts by supplying organically made manures, formulations to protect the plants from common pests like insects, fungi, bacteria, virus & nematodes; and growth stimulants to ensure robust growth to produce higher yield of superior quality in terms of nutritive value.

The Company is supported by a group of experienced agricultural scientists, biochemists, & human nutritionists with hands on expertise in organic agriculture without polluting the nature. We also derive our knowledge from through our associations with reputed agricultural research organisations and organic certification agencies to deliver excellent quality farm inputs at affordable cost.


Go4organics promotes Urban Farming by supporting Kitchen Gardens, Terrace Gardens, Pot Cultures, etc for individuals, groups, residential associations and gated communities by offering organic inputs in small packs.


  Email us at:   info@go4organics.com

  + 91 471 233 5670

   G5,  Lane 1,  Tagore Nagar,  Vazhuthacaud,  Thiruvananthapuram 695014

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